Friday, February 13, 2009

Weekend Cat Blogging # 193 - Valentine's Edition 2009

Welcome to Weekend Cat Blogging, the Valentine's Edition hosted by Mrs & Mr Othello.

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Thanks and Happy Valentine's Day to ya all!

Gree and Othello

Valentine's is happy so Billy Sweetfeets is dancing dancing dancing to a funny ole love song.

Luna took a little time out to visit and show off why she's called Sunshine.

Patchouli loves birds and says it's time to count the birdies this weekend.

Awwwwww Meowza has been busy getting ready for Valentine's day.

And Butch, Jules, and Vincent are sending Valentine's wishes. Look at all those tummies the beans will want to snorgle!

Gemini is really getting into the Valentine's spirit and flipping over her boyfriendcat.

Fridolin and Marushka are sending out Valentine's wishes over at Rosa's.

Wow, Samantha Black and Tigger made romantic Valentine's movies for their true loves!

Tristan Tabbycat Longtail bemoans that you can't hear all about the great love happenings if you're Stuck on the Roof.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes asks, Do Cats Really Love? Of course we do. We just show it a little different. Here are some of the ways in which we say "I Love You"

Guylaine shows off a beautiful feline, in French, the language of love.