Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bendrix and I say Congrats and Best Wishes!

We are so excited to be invited!!
Bendrix and I hitched a ride to the wedding with an old friend (looooong story).

Then he kept messing around and lost his bathing suit! Don't worry, Bendrix can swim.

So, Bendrix will be borrowing my leis to wear around his waist...until he hits the niptinis to hard...Then the speedo would have been on his head anyway

Congratulations and Best Wishes to and Othello! What a great couple.


  1. Hello!
    We just came over here via a comment from the ever social Asta WHFT of NYC.

    A hearty concatulations to all!!

    YOu look very stylish in the Hawaiian leis! Were you on a nudie beach? = )

    on with the celebrations!

  2. Oh, Bendrix, you are bad!
    Missy Blue Eyes

    Way to go, Bendrix... Faith Boo