Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Katie Katz Do The Hula

Weze lurnin the Hula fur Gree and Othello's wedding reception. (Course I get to lead)

-Katie Too

Katie Ann Kitty Too (Right)
Daisy May Daffodil (Center)
Bootsie Woo (Left)
Mousey Cat (not pictured - taking the photo.)
Spunky Boo (not pictured - went to get pina coladas.)
Katie # 1 (Mawmee, not pictured - teaching the class.)
P.S. Bootsie's feelin much better... Dr. Johnson saids hur ears waz fine!! She can dance the hula and not get dizzy (course like any kid sis, she likes following me round! =^..^=)

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