Monday, June 16, 2008

Congratulations to the lovely bride and groom!

Saturday's festivities started off with the solemn vows. The hall was hushed. Tears filled the eyes of many. The bride was beautiful and blushing. It was almost too much to bear given that we all knew what peril the world was in due to the politics of the current government. Still we could hardly be paralyzed by the crass stupidly of the Bush Administration when we were faced by the beauty, sincerity and love of the married couple.

I toast the Gree and Othello and hope that their happiness fills all the days of their lives.

My gift to you is my world renowned skills at lap dancing. From Donald Trump to Al Gore, I, the Master of the Lap Dance have inspired the best and the brightest in business, politics, the arts and the media. I am prepared to let each of your guest experience the best they can be through my joyous expression of life and love.

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